Actimel Advert Banned For Claims Yoghurt Drink Prevents Illness

15 Oct

A TV advert that claimed that probiotic yoghurt drink Actimel could prevent children from falling ill has been banned.

The Advertising Standards Authority declared the advert to be ‘misleading’ and revealed that the company’s claims that the product was ‘scientifically proven to help support your kids’ defences’ had not been proven.

This is a huge blow to Danone, the product manufacturers, who also recently settled a £22 million lawsuit in the United States when consumers were mis-led by the packaging of another of their products; Activia.

Experts for the Advertising Standards Authority concluded that:

‘We considered that the evidence provided by Danone did not support the claim made in the ad that a serving of Actimel was scientifically proven to support the defences of normal, healthy school-aged children against common, every-day childhood infections.

‘We therefore concluded that the ad was misleading.’

If you are a Danone customer looking for probiotic products that really do what they claim to, contact me at


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