How To Treat Constipation Naturally Through Diet and Supplements

12 Nov

Constipation is extremely common, more so than many people believe.  We should empty our bowels 2 or 3 times a day, and a healthy stool should break up easily and cause no strain to pass.  However, constipation can easily be helped with diet and supplements.

Your first step should be to follow a high-fibre diet and reduce intake of meat and milk products.  You should drink plenty of water, especially between meals – a minimum of 1 litre a day.  You should include oats and prunes in your diet, as well as linseeds which can be ground up and sprinkled on food. 

Exercise is also important as it will strengthen your abdominal muscles.

Supplements will be very important in allowing your body to return to good health.  Supplement programme will vary from person to person – to receive recommendations tailored just for you, contact me at


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