How To Order Chinese Food, The Healthy Way

18 Nov

Why do the bad things have to taste so good?

This is a question I get asked a lot by clients who would find it easy to give up their favourite unhealthy foods if only they didn’t taste so great!

Chinese is a common favourite, and with all of the recent news about monosodium glutamate, it’s fast becoming a guilty pleasure.

While Chinese take away shouldn’t be one of your main food groups, it is possible to enjoy a Chinese meal the healthy way.

Here are my top tips to ordering healthy Chinese food:

  • Avoid foods that have been fried or breaded, and look out for dishes called Shu, Jum, Chu or Kow, which all indicate healthy forms of cooking
  • Switch your spring roll starter for vegetable dumplings
  • Switch your hot and sour soup for wonton soup
  • Eat with chopsticks – you’ll eat less oil than you would with a fork
  • Switch your fried rice for boiled rice
  • Avoid any meal that includes nuts – most restaurants include too many in the dish, increasing calories and saturated fat
  • Go for meals in plum or duck sauce – these tend to be lower in fat

And last but not least, enjoy that Fortune Cookie for dessert – it has just 15 calories and, if you follow these tips to enjoy Chinese food in moderation, your fortune will be good health.


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