What Is A Wholefood?

18 Nov

Whole foods are a large part of any healthy, balanced diet, and yet many people are unsure exactly what the term means.

Basically, a whole food is any food that hasn’t been refined.

Foods like flour and rice were originally refined in order to reduce insect infestation, and allowed the products to be stored for longer.  This was useful back when transport and refrigeration left plenty to be desired.

But in today’s world, we don’t need the long ‘shelf’ life that these products have, and refined foods are stripped of their nutrients. 

To be blunt, if you’re eating refined foods like white bread and pasta, you’re getting a whole lotta calories for a whole lotta nothing good.

And so, a diet rich in whole foods is recommended.

Whole foods like beans, lentils, seeds, nuts, and wholewheat or whole rye bread or pasta.


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