What Is The Skip A Day Diet? Does It Work?

25 Nov

The Skip A Day diet has received a lot of media attention recently, but the diet itself isn’t that new.

Basically, the skip a day diet involves you eating as follows: Eat 1 day, Diet 1 day, Eat 1 day, Diet 1 day.

On the eat days, your aim is to consume 1800 calories from balanced meals, and on the diet days you should limit your intake to just 600 calories from high-protein snacks and mini-meals.

Benefits of the diet are supposedly that it allows you to eat as you wish on Eat diets and as the Diet days last just 24 hours anyone can manage restricting their food intake for that period. 

With the diet’s focus on high-protein snacks on diet days, the skip a day diet has naturally been linked to the Atkins diet, and just like the Atkins diet it will often provide short-term weight loss results.

However, there are several disadvantages to this diet:

  1. Long-term weight loss, after the period of the diet, is unlikely as the diet fails to promote the healthy diet and lifestyle that will lead to maintainable results
  2. The diet is a very rapidly changing yo-yo diet, switching from eating to starving the body.  Yo-yo diets are proven not only to fail to produce long-term results, but are also damaging to the body.
  3. Our diets are already too high in protein, and this high protein intake (especially when from animal products) is linked with several diseases
  4. The diet focuses exclusively on calorie intake and ignores other factors, by recommending artificial sweeteners instead of sugar for example

My advice is that the Skip A Day diet is not a responsible weight loss programme and is not likely to provide long-term, maintainable weight loss results.

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One Response to “What Is The Skip A Day Diet? Does It Work?”

  1. Bronwyn Tarsis January 28, 2010 at 8:48 am #

    Very informative post. Thanks!

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