Do I Need To Supplement Vitamin B6 (Pyrixodine)?

26 Nov

Vitamin B6 is an essential nutrient  that has been proven to assist with many health challenges, ranging from PMS to cardiovascular disease.  Supplementing Vitamin B6 is recommended in order to lower your risk of heart attacks.

B6 is required in order for the body to utilise protein, as well as being necessary to produce enzymes that digest food.  Vitamin B6 also helps produce serotonin, a chemical important for moods and avoiding depression.

Vitamin B6 can become toxic if supplemented higher than 1,000mg daily.  The recommended daily dose is between 50mg-100mg.

It is not advised that you supplement individual vitamins unless done so under the supervision of a nutritionist.  You should use a natural multivitamin and mineral product that provides the correct balance of all necessary nutrients.


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