Are Your Natural Weight Loss Products Spiked With Drugs?

2 Dec

The temptation to use weight loss pills is understandable – but before you buy any, you need to read this information.

The Food & Drug Administration have found that a whopping 69 (so far) so-called ‘natural’ diet pills actually contain drugs!

This means that these products, which often promote the natural qualities of their herbal or exotic ingredients, could be very bad news for your health, your wallet and your weight.

Offenders include StarCaps, a brand that is promoted as natural dietary supplements made from papaya, but which also contain a potent pharmaceutical drug called bumetanide which can have serious side effects.

“A large percentage of these products either contain dangerous undeclared ingredients or they might be outright fraudulent on the ingredients and have no effect at all,” said Michael Levy, the director of the F.D.A.’s division of New Drugs and Labeling Compliance. “We don’t think consumers should be using these products.”

If you are concerned about weight loss products you have taken, or would like to discuss this topic in more depth, just contact me below:


2 Responses to “Are Your Natural Weight Loss Products Spiked With Drugs?”

  1. Palmira Craft December 30, 2009 at 7:41 pm #

    Is there any express diet that you could recommend for somebody that’s 220 and 6’4? I’ve a hard time losing weight as well .

    • glyco247 December 30, 2009 at 8:57 pm #

      Palmira – thank you for your comment. Happy Holidays to you!

      You DO not need to diet – diets do NOT work. The weight loss industry is a huge con that is stripping you of your money and self-confidence.

      I strongly recommend you take a look at Think and Grow Thin

      Let me know how else I can help,


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