The Rich Get Richer and The Poor Get… Well, Fatter!

3 Dec

There used to be a common mental image of the fat rich person.  Dressed in a suit that strained at the buttons, probably smoking a cigar and counting his (because the rich person was rarely female) wealth… he ate out at fine restaurants and his calorific meals continually added to his waist line.

And the mere mention of certain developing countries conjures the image of starving children.

So, the rule has been established for a while.  Poor people are thin, and rich people are fat.

Well, times have changed, and this rule has been flipped on its head.

You’re now much more likely to be fat if you are poor.

How can this be the case?

There are a few reasons for this, including:

  • Wealthier people are generally now taking more responsibility for their own wellbeing.  They tend to be more up-to-date with new information about sensible eating.
  • While the wealthy used to use their disposable income on indulgent foods, they are now investing this money in things like gym memberships, personal trainers and fresh, organic produce.
  • With the development of ready meals, it is now less expensive to eat pre-packaged ‘junk’ food than it is to buy the fresh ingredients to make a healthy, balanced meal.

It now appears, however, that another factor is causing more and more people to get fatter: financial stress.

Research has shown that during times of financial strain, such as the current recession, people who are already overweight will quickly gain stress-induced weight.

Why?  Because they are susceptible to rapid increases in cortisol when stressed, which is linked to weight gain.  They will also have already established ‘comfort food’ habits that they will depend on even more during difficult times.

So, the recession might not only be harming your finances.

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