Could My Dry Hair Be Improved With Diet?

8 Dec

Yes, definitely.

A lack of essential fatty acids is actually the most common reason for dry hair.

And the reason is pretty easy to understand:

Your body has a limited amount of nutrients, and a list of priorities for which body part receives the nutrients it needs. 

If your diet is lacking in various nutrients (as most people’s are), the body parts further down the priority list won’t receive enough, if any, which will lead to some non-emergency problems — such as dry hair.

Because, let’s face it, while shampoo advert glossy hair would be a nice bonus, it isn’t your body’s main priority.

If your hair is dry, the best way to change this is to increase your intake of essential fatty acids.  Here’s how:

  • Supplement a pure, high quality omega 3 supplement
  • Eat oily fish three times a week
  • Eat seeds or their cold-pressed oils daily

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