10 Reasons Why You’re Fat

14 Dec

If you’re carrying extra weight and wondering if it’s a thyroid problem or some other problem the doctor can give you some pills to sort out.. you probably need to read this article.  And you may not like the bluntness of it, but it’s time society stopped sugar-coating everything.

Here’s the truth about why you are overweight:

  1. You’re lazy – it’s virtually impossible to maintain an excess weight if you’re getting regular, intense exercise.  So if you’re sick of being fat, get your trainers on and go for a run.  Or go swimming.  Or start walking to work.  You won’t burn enough calories just moaning about your weight to change it.
  2. You eat too much – second portions, overflowing plates, dessert after every meal, snacks in front of the TV, greasy breakfasts.. you could probably lose weight without changing WHAT you eat, if you just divide your portion sizes in half.
  3. You eat the wrong things – come on, how long have you been salad dodging for?  Your five portions of fruit & veg do not come from cherry cola, chocolate orange, jaffa cakes, and the tomato puree on your pizza.  You know this already.
  4. You lie to yourself (and others) about what you eat – it’s amazing how many overweight people apparently eat barely anything.. until you check their car’s glove compartment and their jacket pockets and find the wrappers of an entire tuck shop.
  5. You drink the wrong things – if your refreshments are fizzy pop and energy drinks, you’re using up a huge portion of your daily calorie allowance before you even start on the food.
  6. You skip breakfast – yep, it’s true.. skipping meals actually makes you put weight on as your body enters starvation mode and clings to your existing fat.
  7. You have low self-esteem – very often, overweight people remain overweight because they don’t believe they deserve better.  Or they don’t believe they can lose the weight and become the figure they would like to be. 
  8. You comfort eat – it is extremely likely that you hold emotional attachments to food, and comfort eat to make you feel better.  And it’s very likely that until you realise what these attachments are, and overcome them, you’ll never lose weight.
  9. You don’t want to be thin – here’s how the cycle works: you’re fat, Person X is slim, you’re envious of Person X, you wish you could look like Person X, but you don’t believe you can, so you start thinking bad things about Person X (‘slim people are mean’, ‘she’s way too skinny’, ‘I’d hate to be that size, I’d have to spend so much time in the gym’, ‘I bet she has no life apart from monitoring calories’)… our subconscious mind listens to every one of those thoughts until gradually over time, you have convinced yourself that being thin is a bad thing.. and your subconscious will sabotage your weight loss attempts because why would you want to be one of those mean, dull thin people?!
  10. You get too much pleasure from being fat – here’s how it works: every action you take is chosen because it either moves you closer to something you want, or takes you further away from something you’re trying to avoid.  You’re constantly balancing a pleasure v. pain equation – and right now, you get more pleasure from your current ‘fat lifestyle’ than you would from making the changes you need to become thin.  Maybe at some point being fat will become so painful for you that you will put in the work to become thin

This post is incredibly controversial and I make no apology for that.

If you are overweight, it is almost certainly because of one (or more) of these reasons.  And living in denial about that won’t help you one bit.

So stop ordering the new miracle diet pills every month.  Stop looking up medical reasons for obesity.  Stop making excuses.

Accept the true reasons, and then you can start changing your habits and changing your waistline.


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