Why You’re Fat – The GOOD News

15 Dec

Ok, so as I expected, yesterday’s post got some mixed feedback.

Some people got pretty worked up about the bluntness of my message, so I wanted to follow up and explain why that post – and the fact that it is actually 100% true and accurate, however angry it might have made you – is GOOD news for you.

If you haven’t read the original post, do that now.

Some people noticed that all of the 10 reasons are reasons that come from you – they are entirely within your control.  And that is brilliant news that should encourage you no end.. because it means you have the absolute power and ability to turn things around and lose weight.

Think about it.  If the list had said you’re fat because there are hidden ingredients in foods that get you addicted, and because the media brainwashes you with desire for sugar, and because once you’ve been overweight for 5 years it is physically impossible to get slim again — THAT would have been a depressing post.

But I didn’t say any of that stuff, because none of that is the case!

YOU are the reason you are overweight.

That’s it.

And as much as it might hurt and anger you right now to hear that, it is the absolute truth and the best news I could give you.

Because if you got yourself into this situation, you can sure as heck turn things around.

So again, I make no apologies for this message being blunt — do you realise how profitable the weight loss industry is?  Do you realise how many books are published every single year that offer comforting words, excuses, and no pressure?  And despite all of that sugar-coating the truth, people are becoming more and more obese! 

The system we are following right now DOES NOT WORK.

It’s time someone stood up and told the truth:

And that means that YES, YOU CAN CHANGE IT.

The question is, are you going to?


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