Top 5 Additives To Avoid

18 Feb
  1. Allura Red AC (E129) – often found in snacks, sauces, preserves, soups, wines as food colouring, this additive is especially bad news if you suffer from asthma, rhinitis or hives
  2. Amaranth (E123) – this colouring is actually banned in the US, but in other countries is still used in wines, spirits, fish products, etc.
  3. Aspartame (E951) – used as a sweetener in sweets, alcohol, snacks, desserts, diet products and more, it can cause headaches, seizures and even blindness if consumed in high amounts
  4. Butylated hydroxy-anisole (E320) – used widely as a preservative, is suspected to be carcinogenic to humans
  5. Saccharin and it’s salts (E954) – widely used as a sweetener and commonly found in diet and sugar-free products, it is suspected to be carcinogenic to humans

You know what?  I can’t stop at 5… there are more additives you need to avoid, so look out for another post tomorrow on this topic.


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