You Have To Make A Choice

16 Mar

I hear so many excuses for why people can’t follow an optimal diet that I had to write this post.

You know the excuses I’m talking about… maybe you’re making some yourself right now.

“But I really love eating chocolate/sweets/crisps.”

“I don’t like vegetables.”

“Drinking water is boring!”

“There’s no way I could function without coffee.”

“A little of what I like won’t hurt me.”

It completely baffles me that so many people are sugar coating (no pun intended) this issue, and I think it’s time someone spoke out about the serious consequences of following an unhealthy diet.

Diseases like heart disease, diabetes, cancer and obesity (which causes no end of health problems) are at epidemic levels in developed countries, and yet all of them can be reduced or avoided to some degree by following an optimal diet.

And so, at some point, you have to make a tough choice.

Do you value those sweet treats, or do you value your health?

Because you can’t have both.

If you’re eating  a diet high in fat, sugar, salt and low in nutrients, at some point your health will be compromised.

You have to take responsibility for your own health now.

There is another option of course: carry on eating an unhealthy diet.  Just don’t be surprised when your health declines.

The choice is yours.


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