Are Eggs Dairy?

17 Mar

I often hear people discuss dairy produce and including eggs in that category, and in this article I want to examine whether eggs are actually a dairy product and whether people on dairy-free diets should avoid them.

The term ‘dairy’ actually refers only to milk and butter, and usually from cows.

A person with dairy-intolerance (very common) is reacting specifically to the lactose protein present in milk, something that isn’t present in eggs, and so should be able to eat eggs without problems.

This is, however, an area of confusion for many people and so restaurants will often avoid all egg produce when catering to dairy intolerances.


One Response to “Are Eggs Dairy?”

  1. The Fervent Dairyman October 18, 2010 at 5:49 pm #


    One Note: Lactose is actually a sugar not a protien. People who are lactose intolerant cannot break down and digest lactose. However people who are lactose intolerant can still eat cheese and yogurt because the bacteria in these products break down virtually all the lactose in these products. So being lactose intolerant doesn’t mean that someone is dairy intolerant. You can still eat some dairy.

    Good posting though, i just thought i would clear that up so people dont get confused.

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