Water: Mineral Water vs. Spring Water

17 Mar

Bottled water is one of the most unpredicted industries out there, and yet many people choosing bottled water over tap water aren’t sure which sort is best.

Bottled water is available in 3 main types; spring, mineral, and sparkling.

Sparkling water is is carbonated water that is usually filtered tap water.  Sometimes it can contain minerals including magnesium sulfate, potassium sulfate and sodium bicarbonate.  While sparkling waters can still contain pollutants, they don’t contain microorganisms as these cannot survive in the carbonated atmosphere.  I do not recommend that you drink much sparkling water, as the carbon dioxide can enter the blood stream and affect the body’s acid:alkaline balance.

Most bottled waters are mineral waters – that simply means that the water contains minerals.  It is usually ground water collected to bottle.  These can contain pollutants.

Spring water is the natural water found in surface or underground springs.  Spring water is disinfected but is not processed further than this.  Spring water can also be polluted, so consult independent lab results before choosing a brand.  Spring water is the best bottled water available, just make sure your chosen brand is bottled at the source.


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