Fruits, Vegetables & Cancer: Surprising Research

8 Apr

This month’s Journal of the National Cancer Institute has revealed a surprising research study into the connection between fruits and vegetables, and cancer risk.

The study suggests that there is only a slight connection between a diet high in fruits and vegetables, and cancer risk.

This conclusion is disappointing, as there has long been thought to be a potential link between these two things.  In fact, many studies have determined links, hence the surprise surrounding this particular research.

However, in my opinion, this research highlights the need for further investigation.

The study raises several questions for me.

What types of fruits and vegetables were used?  Were they fresh, tinned, frozen?  Were they organic?

And was the length of the study really enough to draw meaningful conclusions?  Given the 5-20 year period it takes for cancer to build in the body, is an 8 year study long enough?

Clearly, this one study shouldn’t overrule all of the studies that have found a clear link between fruit and vegetable intake and cancer prevention.

I wanted to share this study, though, and particularly to highlight the main question that it raised for me…

We are living on a toxic planet, where pollutants are unavoidably seeping into every single body of water, contaminating our air, and entering our fresh foods.  So, when we tuck into a nice plate of fruits and vegetables, even organic ones, the nutrient content we eat is different to what it should be.  Our planet is affecting the quality of our food, and that is affecting the goodness we receive from our diet – no matter how healthy it is.

So, I read this study, and I had to ask: Is our fresh produce now reaching the point where it’s nutrient content is so damaged it can no longer help protect us from illness as well as it originally could?

I have a lot more to say on this subject, but right now I have to pack – I’m leaving for a week’s vacation.  I’ll make a few updates about healthy eating when being on holiday, providing I can get an Internet connection, so look out for those.

Until then, keep eating your fruit and vegetables – this one study shouldn’t be used as an excuse to leave your greens! 😉


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