How To Eat Healthy When On Holiday

14 Apr

I’m writing this blog post today from a secluded cottage in South Wales, where our only neighbours are sheep. We’ve been blessed with good weather and I’ve managed to get a sun tan on one side of my face (don’t ask…)!

Being here, and planning this holiday, made me think of the impact that holidays often have on good intentions for healthy eating.

And yet it is possible to stick to a balanced diet while on holiday, without it spoiling your holiday enjoyment.

Here are my top tips for healthy, fun holidays:

1. Avoid all you can eat buffets – this is especially dangerous if you’re staying in a hotel, where breakfast, lunch and dinner might all be buffet style. These type of meals inevitably lead to people eating more than they would usually, so unless your will is iron-strong, avoid them.

2. Self-cater – choosing a self-catering holiday in accommodation with cooking facilities gives you control over ensuring that some of your meals are nutritionally balanced. If you don’t want to spend your holidays cooking, opt for a hotel where your meals aren’t included. This again gives you the freedom to choose from several places to eat each meal, and takes away the cost factor; many people go on full-board holidays and eat heavy meals they don’t really want because they have already paid for them.

3. Eat breakfast like a king – most people have heard of eating their largest meal for breakfast, and this works especially well on holidays when you’re likely to be out and about for most of the day. Fill up with tasty breakfasts and you’ll probably be happy grazing for the rest of the day, meaning less calories overall.

4. Prioritise – part of visiting a new place is immersing yourself in the culture, including the local cuisine. So instead of having a fried breakfast every morning, ‘treat’ yourself with authentic foods you can’t find at home. In Greece, for example, find an authentic Greek restaurant and maybe you’ll enjoy some plate-smashing and dancing as well as a new taste experience.

5. Get active – offset any unhealthy treats with exercise by exploring the place you are staying and throwing yourself into local activities.

6. Include drinks – remember the calories in alcoholic drinks. Often, people return from holiday unsure how they have gained weight, until they tot up the amount of alcohol they drank while away.

7. Moderation is key – as always, the key is all things in moderation. Choose your treats wisely and don’t eat just for the sake of it. Stop when you’re full, even if it means leaving some food that has been paid for.

Hopefully these tips will be of use to you for your next holiday – they’re helping me have a wonderful time here in Wales.

I’ll be back home, and posting regularly, by the weekend… and I have an interesting post planned about Oprah Winfrey.

Speak to you soon!


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