50 Weight Loss Tricks & Secrets

15 May

So, you want to lose weight?

Join the club.  If the number of books and slimming clubs and diet pills available are anything to go by, it seems like the whole world is trying to lose weight.

I’ve said time and time again that weight loss isn’t so much about what you eat, as it is a mental and emotional habit.

However, there are some easy things you can do to help shift the pounds, and here are my top 50:

  1. Start the day with a big glass of cold water – it kickstarts your metabolism and helps you digest and burn off calories efficiently for the rest of the day
  2. Eat breakfast – when you skip meals, your body goes into starvation mode and clings onto your body fat, meaning your fat burning becomes much less efficient than it could be
  3. Eat a big breakfast – yep, don’t just grab a tiny morning meal, make it your biggest of the day.  So have some wholemeal toast or a bran cereal, and then grab an omelette, a yoghurt, some fruit… eating more in the morning will cut down your snacking and let you eat smaller meals later in the day.
  4. Toothbrush exercises – for many people exercise is either something they dread or something they never find time for, so introducing some quick and easy exercises into your day will make a big difference to your weight loss.  This one’s a favourite: when you’re brushing your teeth, just alternate standing on one leg!  Stand on your left leg for 30 seconds, then your right, and repeat until you’ve done brushing.  You’ll build your balance and muscle strength.
  5. Switch to 2% milk – you’ll be saving around 100 calories by doing this one simple thing!
  6. Driving exercises – when driving (or on the bus or train), try clenching those butt cheeks and holding firm for 10 seconds.  You’ll burn 10 calories every time, which might not sound a lot… but do it 10 times on the way to work, and 10 on the way home, and there goes another 200 calories.
  7. Make snacks snack-sized – either portion your day’s snacks into zip bags yourself, or buy snack versions of products rather than bigger bulk options.  If your snacks are unhealthy, reduce them by 50% and add a piece of fruit.  You’ll still get your sweet fix but with some added goodness too.
  8. Phone exercises – whenever possible, walk around when you’re on the phone instead of sitting down.  Just pace the room.  You could even throw in some stretches or squats – just get moving!
  9. Switch your soda – a lot of people have no idea how many calories they’re consuming in drinks alone.  Instead of fatty sodas, opt for a healthy alternative – sparkling water with a little fruit juice for flavour.  You’ll still get the fizzy sensation but will save over 100 calories per drink.
  10. Eat pitta breads – switching from 2 slices of bread to 1 pitta will save you 70 calories – it’s even healthier if you have the wholemeal version
  11. Speak to people – if you have an office job, chances are you eMail your colleagues instead of speaking to them.  Next time you have a message, walk to the person’s desk and deliver it in person.
  12. Pizza soak – when eating your favourite pizza, just dab the slice with a paper towel to absorb anywhere up to a tablespoon of grease, and save up to 100 calories
  13. Go skinny – when enjoying a coffee shop break, just ask for the skinny version of your favourite drink
  14. An apple a day – research has shown that people who eat 3 apples a day lose weight faster.  You can grate one into your cereal, have one with your snack, and bake one for pudding with a little custard
  15. Eat happy – if you’re a McFan, just order the child’s portion of your favourite meal to save calories
  16. Choosing Chips – when choosing or cooking fries, go for the chunky version as they absorb less fat when cooking
  17. Yoghurts – instead of high-sugar flavoured yoghurts, grab a tub of natural yoghurt and add your own fruit, nuts, seeds and honey to make a healthier, tastier snack
  18. Be wary of salads – when eating out, ask for your salad to come with its dressing in a separate jug.  Just pour on half (or less) to save 100 calories
  19. Use smaller plates – for many people, dinner is the size of the plate.  So use smaller plates and you’ll eat less calories.
  20. 20 Chews – chew each mouthful of food 20 times, to give your body time to realise when you are full up.  This doesn’t work too well with soup 😉
  21. Use a teaspoon for desserts – this lets you savour the food for longer, and you can cut portion sizes down as the smaller spoon will make you feel as if you’ve eaten a lot
  22. Have bacon instead of sausage – crispy bacon, with the grease patted off with paper towels, is the healthier option of the two, and you still get your meat fix
  23. Make TV active – instead of zoning out on the settee all evening watching TV, make it more active by catching up with your ironing while watching your shows
  24. Skip the meal deals – when hitting the fast food places, or the cinema, don’t be tempted by the super size deals or the famous “would you like fries with that”.  Order a huge popcorn tub and you’ll probably eat it all because it’s there, while a smaller tub would be plenty enough.
  25. Ditch the fries – order onion rings instead and save 60 calories
  26. Switch to sorbet – choose sorbet or frozen yoghurt instead of ice cream for a frozen treat
  27. Choose your cheese – use a strong cheese like Parmesan as a topping on pizzas, pasta and even popcorn – it’s strong taste means you’ll use less and save calories
  28. Eat at the table – when you eat while watching TV, you enter a kind of trance that means you’re not concentrating on your food and won’t register when you’re full.  It is just eating for the sake of it.  Sit at the dining table for your meals.
  29. No TV snacks – try to stop snacking in front of the TV altogether.  Or at least manage the size of your snacks – if you take a family bag of potato chips into the TV room, chances are you’ll walk out later with an empty packet and a whole heap of calories to burn
  30. Stop emotional eating – if you tend to eat when you’re bored, angry or upset, start becoming aware of these feelings and reacting in a different way.  Scream.  Switch the music up loud.  Go for a walk.  Squeeze ice cubes in your fist.  But try to avoid food.
  31. Increase the flavour – use chillies and spices to make your food really pack a taste punch.  You’ll feel satisfied faster, so will eat less.
  32. Buy local fresh produce – I’m pretty sure that most people who claim not to like fruits and vegetables have just never tasted them in season.  Get to your local farm and you’ll realise that fruits and vegetables actually smell and taste very different to how your supermarket sells them!
  33. Cut fat off your meat before cooking it – some people are still adamant that the fat is “the best bit”… and it is, if your goal is heart disease
  34. Cook wisely – start paying attention to how your food.  The lower the heat, the better.  Avoid using oil when possible, and especially deep-frying.  Instead, go for steaming, roasting, stir-frying, grilling or simmering.
  35. Switch chocolate – for carob, which are pods from a Mediterranean tree that taste sweeter than chocolate but have just half as many calories
  36. Salad dressings – instead of calorie-rich dressings, add balsamic vinegar
  37. Healthy dips – if you’re a fan of chips and dips, change those creamy dips for a spicy salsa which packs much less calories
  38. Healthy chips – if you want to make chips and dips even more healthy, switch the chips for carrot or cucumber sticks, or at least have a mix of chips and veggie sticks
  39. Food diary – keep a diary of all of the foods you eat.  You don’t have to show anyone, but simply recording all of your food intake on paper can be a real eye-opener.
  40. Mood diary – to make your food diary even more effective, also keep track of your emotional moods and your physical health.  If you’re tired, write it down.  Bloated?  Write it.  You’ll probably start to see connections between the food you eat and the way you feel.
  41. Accountability – be public about your weight loss goal, and find an accountability buddy.  This should be someone who will be tough with you, and won’t let you easily skip your exercise because of a runny nose or stop at KFC because you’re disorganised.  A weight loss goal set in private is easy to give up on, but when everyone is keeping an eye on how you’re doing, you might lose a few pounds just to save face… which is no bad thing
  42. Switch beef burgers for turkey – much healthier, and lower in calories.  It doesn’t have as much flavour so rub some spices on it before cooking.
  43. Get naked – seriously.  Next time you’re at home and fancy that unhealthy snack, just get naked and sit in front of the mirror while you eat.  Not ideal when you have the in-laws over, but when you’re home alone I bet it makes you eat less
  44. Buy clothes – yep, go shopping and buy an item of clothing you really love… but in a size too small.  Now, there’s your motivation to skip a few burgers and strut your stuff
  45. Timing – instead of joining the millions who set losing weight as a New Year’s Resolution, begin your own diet before the New Year.  This simple difference will mentally separate you from the January dieters and increase your chances of success
  46. Choose thin friends – ok, this one sounds a bit mean, but it’s also true.  If all your friends are overweight, chances are that your social life involves food, and lots of it.  If you also have thin friends, try to arrange social meals with them and see your heavier friends in non-food situations
  47. Swim – swimming is one of the best exercises, especially if you’re carrying lots of excess weight as the water supports your weight.  Start small and build up laps as your stamina increases
  48. Get hot – after that swim, head into the steam room and literally sweat away the pounds
  49. Speed up your metabolism – choose metabolism boosting foods such as whey protein, almonds or natural yoghurt
  50. Have sex – we thought we’d end on a high note.  If you really can’t find any enjoyment from any type of exercise or healthy food, at least try to have sex more often.  And more vigorously.  You’ll burn between 50-100 calories.

If you have tried diet after diet and don’t believe anything can work for you, you’ll be pleased to hear we are so confident that Katie Williams’ eBook, Think and Grow Thin will change your body forever that we are offering a complete money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the results!


3 Responses to “50 Weight Loss Tricks & Secrets”

  1. Yaz Liranzo May 15, 2010 at 10:03 pm #

    I hate the word “diet”. But I’ve been following Katie’s tip and Im impressed how I’ve been able to continue my food plan. Thank you Katie.

    • glyco247 May 16, 2010 at 8:30 am #

      Hey Yaz

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting – I’m so glad the food plan is working for you! Keep in touch 🙂


  2. xan May 16, 2010 at 9:31 pm #

    Thanks for visiting my blog and for your good wishes. These are some great tips! Thanks for those as well.

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