Tasty Kale Green Smoothie Recipe

18 May

Tasty Kale Green Smoothie Recipe

This post comes courtesy of my friend Nathalie, who I saw post this picture on Twitter.  I thought it looked too yummy to not share, and she graciously allowed me to post the recipe – and picture – here for your pleasure!


4-5 leaves of kale
2 bananas (can use avocado here instead if you want)
Handful (or to taste) frozen blueberries
1 pear
1 tablespoon hulled hemp seed
A few slices of cucumber


Cover the lot with cold water and blend on HIGH until liquefied.

Enjoy – best when fresh/cold.  I keep some in my fridge as I can’t finish the whole jug first thing in the morning, but the first glass is the best.

The kale is a bit hard to liquefy so it may take a bit longer than other recipes. I sometimes substitute spinach, sometimes even romaine.  Anything works 🙂

I hope you enjoy this tasty and very nutritious green smoothie, I know I’ll certainly be experimenting with it soon.

And in the meantime, connect with Nathalie on Twitter or via her blog


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