The Biggest Obstacle Stopping You Losing Weight

20 May

Do you know what the biggest obstacle stopping you losing weight is?

Most people don’t.

And yet they spend countless time, and often countless money, searching for miracle weight loss potions and lotions.  The more dramatic a promise the product makes, the more likely it is that a lot of desperate, hopeful people will buy it.

I wish I could somehow convey to the whole weight loss community that there are no perfect number of calories, no miracle plan of tasty foods, no secret way of cheat-eating and still having the pounds fall off.

All those books about different named diets don’t hold the magic key (especially since most people never even read them after throwing money at them).

The strongest slimming pills you can find online aren’t strong enough to overpower the real obstacle standing in the way of you reaching your goal weight.

You don’t need to attend a weekly humiliating weight-in group to get the “motivation”.

All too often overweight people are searching for some external thing that they imagine is keeping them from losing weight – the right weight loss group, the correct meal replacement shake, the exact diet book.  Every new thing sets off excitement as they wonder, “maybe this is the one for me”.

It’s a search that, for most people, can only end in disappointment.

Everything you need to lose weight is already within you.  The answer is to look inside yourself and confront your food demons.  Ask the difficult questions that you have been avoiding until now.

Why do you eat?  Why do you turn to food?  What benefit do you get from being overweight?  What do you stand to lose by becoming slim?

And perhaps the single question to unlock your weight loss:

What pain are you anaesthetizing by eating?

All of these questions, and more, are examined in detail in my latest eBook, Think & Grow Thin.  This eBook reveals the emotional component that is the biggest obstacle stopping most people from losing weight.  And right now, you can get Think & Grow Thin at an incredible discount with a full money-back guarantee.


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