The Dangers Of Emotional Eating

28 May

We’re all emotional eaters.

We have all, at some point in our life, reached for food for some reason other than hunger.  Whether it’s agreeing to have dessert in a restaurant for our birthday, just because the atmosphere that evening is so good and you don’t want the event to end, or eating ice-cream after being dumped… we have all done it.

And for many people, it isn’t a big deal.  They eat occasionally through anger, loneliness, boredom or happiness… the key word being occasionally. It isn’t a regular part of their day, and once they’re done eating, they don’t feel guilty about it afterwards. In this sense, emotional eating isn’t ideal but it isn’t a real cause for concern.

However, many people are using emotional eating as a crutch, and that is much more dangerous. These are people who react to every emotion with food.  Birthdays are celebrated with indulgent meals out, break-ups are reacted to with ice-cream, boredom is followed by a family size bag of potato chips, illness is compensated for by take away dinners, good news is celebrated by take away dinners, nothing helps anger like a binge session.

Usually, these decisions to react with food are unconscious choices, and the emotional eater feels guilty, angry, even disgusted with themselves afterwards. And how do they react to those new foods?  With more eating.

Emotional eating can become an endless cycle that distances the person from real life, stops them allowing themselves the real experience of their emotions, and increases their chances of weight gain and diet-related illnesses. The emotional eater is usually someone who suffers in silence, especially as their eating grows to control more and more of their life.  You may find yourself eating in secret to protect your loved ones from the horrible truth about you.  Hiding this from your closest friends and family eats away at you, convinces you that you are a bad person, and leads you to eat more.

You confidence plummets as your clothes grow tighter.  Friends can’t understand why you are putting on weight.

Another lie.  Another meal.

While emotional eating can feel like an inescapable cycle, it can be broken and you can take control of your diet and your emotions for once and for all.

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