The Best Sources of Protein – Seafood, Meat & Vegetarian

7 Jun

Everyone knows how important protein is – it’s the building blocks for our body and is also often said to be the best way to build up muscle and lose fat.

But not all protein is created equal.

This post reveals the best sources of protein from seafood, meat and vegetarian foods, as decided by the protein content of each food per 100g of that food.


  1. Beef = 36g
  2. Lamb = 35g
  3. Chicken breast = 33g
  4. Pork tenderloin = 32g
  5. Turkey = 30g


  1. Cod = 63g
  2. Clams = 48g
  3. Tuna = 30g
  4. Octopus = 30g
  5. Prawns = 21g


  1. Tofu = 48g
  2. Parmesan = 42g
  3. Pink Lentils = 25g
  4. Walnuts = 24g
  5. Almonds = 22g

For a full list of vegan sources of protein, see this post


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