Top 10 Excuses For Being Overweight Debunked

8 Jun

There are a lot of excuses out there that people use to excuse, or explain, their being overweight.  But how true are they?

This article lists the top 10 excuses and examines how accurate they really are.

  1. I’m big boned – ‘big boned’ is a real occurrence, but only about 20% of people are big boned and it really doesn’t affect your weight much at all.  So yes, you may be big boned, but that isn’t the reason you’re overweight
  2. I have a slow metabolism – again, yes it is possible to have a slow metabolism.. but it’s rare, and it probably isn’t the reason you’re overweight.  In actual fact, body size affects your metabolism, so if you’re overweight you’re more likely to have a fast metabolism
  3. It’s my thyroid – hypothyroidism can cause problems including weight gain, but it isn’t that common a problem.  Many overweight people seem to blame their thyroid even though they don’t experience any symptoms to suggest thyroid problems
  4. It’s in my genes – yes, there is a fat gene, that could predispose a person to easier weight gain, but the presence of the DRD2 gene alone doesn’t guarantee excess weight – your lifestyle choices are the determining factor
  5. I just don’t like healthy food – the person who says this likely has an old fashioned idea of healthy food comprising ‘rabbit food’ meals of lettuce, cucumber and a single tomato.  If this is your excuse, just get to the local library and borrow some books on healthy recipes.  Nobody can dislike all healthy foods.
  6. I can’t afford to eat healthy – we all need to spend money on food.  Eating healthy just means redirecting your current spending – if you examine your shopping bill (including money spent on takeaways and eating out), you’ll likely save money if you cut out the unhealthy foods and replace them with better alternatives
  7. It’s the air pollution – yes, one of the more bizarre excuses used, but some people try to blame their excess weight on air pollution.  Studies have even been carried out to see whether this is a genuine concern and, well, it isn’t!
  8. Oh, I have the wrong gut bacteria – yes, it seems that if a person has the wrong kind of gut bacteria, the inflammation caused can lead to insulin resistance which in turn can lead to hunger, meaning excess food eaten.  The gut bacteria can’t be blamed for unhealthy foods being chosen instead of healthy ones, though
  9. I’m unable to exercise – often used as an excuse when a person has been injured or suffers some form of disability, this is one of the more genuine excuses as exercise can be made difficult by physical limitations.  It is, however, still possible to exercise and your doctor should be able to help you find a comfortable way to do this
  10. I’m too busy to lose weight – but not too busy to eat?  We all have 24 hours a day, if selecting, preparing and cooking healthy meals, and exercising, are true priorities for you, you will make the time to do them.  So, this excuse can virtually always be replaced by the truth, ‘it isn’t important enough to me’.

If you have been using any of these excuses, perhaps it’s time to start being honest and to overcome your weight gain.  My free eMail series, Breaking The Cycle of Emotional Eating, can help.  Get your copy here


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