Top 40 Reasons To Lose Weight

9 Jun

It’s easy to say you want to lose weight, but until you know your reasons for wanting to shed the pounds, it’s unlikely that you’ll find the motivation to do it.

Having a reason gives you the determination to resist cravings and make sensible lifestyle changes.

So, why do you want to lose weight?

There are many different reasons, and in a recent survey I carried out online, here are the top 40 reasons I came across.  Reading through these should spark some inspiration in you to find out your own reasons, if you haven’t already.

Here they are:

  1. To feel proud of yourself; a sense of achievement
  2. To feel healthier
  3. To have more energy
  4. To fit into you old clothes again
  5. To stop wearing a clothes size you are ashamed to admit
  6. To like the body you see when you look in the mirror
  7. To lower your blood pressure
  8. To avoid diabetes
  9. To stop your children/spouse/loved ones feeling embarrassed about you
  10. To stop your parents/spouse/loved ones nagging you about losing weight
  11. To be able to shop in ‘nice’ clothes stores, not specialist plus size stores
  12. To get back to the figure you had when you were [insert age]
  13. To feel sexy
  14. To have more physical stamina
  15. To join the gym and not be embarrassed about working out
  16. To be able to eat out without worrying that everyone is thinking “you’ve already eaten enough”
  17. To get back into a physical hobby or begin a new one
  18. To ease back pain (or any physical pain worsened by excess weight)
  19. For a specific event – high school reunion, holiday, wedding, etc
  20. To attract a spouse
  21. To keep up with your children
  22. To wear old jewellery that is too tight
  23. To pursue a career within the health field
  24. To be a good example to your children
  25. To be able to sit in any size or strength chair without checking first
  26. To be able to bend down to tie your shoelaces
  27. To boost my self-esteem by accomplishing my goal
  28. To be able to wear fitted clothes, not baggy ‘tents’
  29. So your thighs don’t rub together when you walk
  30. To be able to wear sexy underwear
  31. To be able to be on family photos without worrying how fat you’ll look
  32. To have slim, defined legs
  33. To have a defined waist
  34. To lose the bingo wings
  35. To stop trying to keep your head up so nobody sees your double chin
  36. To be able to wear heels again
  37. To be able to cross your legs
  38. To live longer
  39. To develop a healthy lifestyle and stop with the fad dieting, for once and for all
  40. To fit in an airplane seat comfortably

Do you have a reason to lose weight not listed above?

Share it as a comment!


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