The Danger of Following Standard Nutrition Advice

12 Jun

I get asked to give standard nutrition advice quite a lot.

Either from individuals who, for whatever reason, don’t want to tell me much more than their name and gender, or from professionals who would like media quotes or general documents preparing.

And I’m always wary to give this advice.

In fact, I remember shocking a business associate a few years ago.  We were about to begin a large joint business venture and he was interviewing me when he asked “what would you tell my sister to eat for breakfast?”  I’d never met his sister, and since I won’t ever give nutritional advice to anyone without speaking to them personally (there are too many people who want their overweight spouses to get nutrition advice without the spouse ever being involved!), I refused to comment.

My associate was shocked because too many people are happy to offer general advice and even discuss specific advice for a person without that person ever being involved.

The fact is, one size does not fit all when it comes to nutritional requirements.

You must bear this in mind when you read any information about diet, nutrition and wellness.  Your own needs may not be the same as the ‘average’ person that that general information was tailored to, and following it could actually be detrimental to your wellbeing.

Your absolute best chance of following an optimally balanced diet to boost your wellness and help you truly follow a healthy lifestyle is to arrange a full, one-on-one consultation with a nutritionist to discuss your specific, unique needs.

And right now – for a very limited time – I am offering a great discount on my consultations – just £40 ($59) for an initial telephone consultation of 90 minutes (or by eMail if you prefer).

Book yours now


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