Are You Following Your Weight Loss Diet Correctly?

25 Jun

There are so many weight loss programmes to choose from.

All of them promising miraculous results.

But no matter which you choose, unless you follow it correctly, it won’t work.

This simple guide will help you ensure you are following your chosen diet correctly.

  • Calorie counting – most people have an incorrect idea of how many calories they should eat in order to maintain or lose weight.  If your weight loss programme involves calorie counting, make sure you know exactly how many calories your body requires, not just the general guideline for your gender.
  • Lifestyle action – this term refers to the large group of (mainly) women who lead such busy lives they don’t feel that exercise is necessary for them.  They imagine that between all the errands they run, they burn a huge amount of calories.  Sadly this isn’t true.  Short bursts of intense exercise are much more successful at burning fat.
  • Just eat sensibly – it sounds like a good plan, just using your common sense to resist unhealthy foods.  If you’re doing this but the weight still isn’t shifting, you need to pay more attention to portion size.  If you consume excess calories – even if they’re from healthy foods – you won’t lose weight.
  • Salad Lover – especially for people who eat out a lot, salads seem like the safe options.  But with the dressings and extras added in, salads can actually contain more calories and fat than some meals.  What can you do?  Your research.  Get online and look at the nutritional guide on the restaurant’s website to help you make the best choice.
  • Low-Fat Lover – if you’re choosing low-fat options of your favourite treats, stop.  Chances are that when you choose low-fat foods you actually consume larger portions than necessary.  Instead, go for the full-fat option and have a small portion – you’ll likely eat less calories, as well as avoiding artificial sweeteners which can actually cause weight gain.

If you’re trying to lose weight, my popular eBook Think & Grow Thin can help.  It isn’t like other weight loss books – it focuses on why the standard weight loss advice doesn’t work and what you really need to know in order to lose weight once and for all.  I’m so confident it will change your life, and your body, that it comes with a complete money-back guarantee.  Get your copy at a great discount price now.


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    Thank you, I appreciate that



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    Are You Following Your Weight Loss Diet Correctly?…

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