New Hidden Threat From Monosodium Glutamate (MSG)

6 Jul

Within recent years MSG has been added to popular foods, and then avoided by the savvy public,  many of whom have realised that this product disagrees with them and causes almost instant physical reactions – a window into what it’s doing inside your body.

But I can reveal that clever marketing means that MSG may be sneaking into your food with a different name, Taste No. 5.

This brand name refers to the heightened taste that the presence of the chemical glutamate brings when eaten, and it is this taste experience that caused the first synthetic form of glutamate to be produced — monosodium glutamate.

Health concerns linked to MSG intake were relatively quickly made public, and it’s now pretty common to hear people attempting to avoid the product completely.

I’d definitely advise that you limit your intake of MSG, so be on the look out for Taste No. 5 and avoid that too.

Also, be aware the monosodium glutamate can also appear on food labels under the names:

  • autolyzed yeast
  • hydrolyzed yeast
  • yeast extract
  • hydrolyzed vegetable proteins
  • protein isolates
  • soy extract

Remember, knowledge is power!

What are your thoughts about MSG?  Leave your comment below, I’d love to hear your experiences..


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