Cheerios Cereal Ordered To Stop Overly Explicit ‘Cholesterol-Lowering’ Claims

22 Jul

Image courtesy of mfury

The US Food and Drug Administration has ordered General Mills to stop making overly explicit medical claims for it’s Cheerios Toasted Whole Grain Oat Cereal.

While foods containing dietary fibre may reduce cholesterol and so are allowed to make approved claims to that effect, General Mills made a specific claim that the cereal would result in a 4% reduction within 6 weeks.

These specific claims mean that the cereal would need to be registered as a medicinal drug rather than a breakfast cereal as it was claiming to treat a specific illness.

While this violation occurred in 2009 it is worth raising again as similar claims can be seen in numerous products and TV adverts – we should all bear the General Mills case in mind when hearing explicit marketing claims for any food.

What are your opinions on food products making medical claims?


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