Fancy Living To The Age Of 1,000?

4 Aug
The Fountain of Youth, courtesy of @goldberg

The Fountain of Youth, courtesy of @goldberg

It’s always bothered me that us humans seem to accept the idea of death so readily.  To be honest, it’s something I have to stop myself thinking about too much or I imagine it could send me crazy.

This may be part of the reason for how I ended up focusing on optimum nutrition, to support the body in living a full, active life for as long as possible.

And so I read this article, by molecular biologist Aubrey de Grey, with interest.  He believes that the first person to live to the age of 1,000 may already be alive.  That means it could be me.  Or you.

It’s an interesting topic, and makes me even more determined to look after my body – I mean, having an abused and worn out body by the age of 50 is one thing if your lifespan may be 70 years… but if you have to keep going in that decrepit shell for another 950 years, well, wowzers.

Read the article and I’d love to hear your thoughts!


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