The Important Need For Glyconutrient Supplements

4 Oct

“The art of healing comes from nature, not from the physician. Therefore the physician must start from nature, with an open mind.” – Paracelsus

There’s something many people in the sophisticated, developed world fail to realise: managing pain and suffering is not the same as treating health problems.  And yet, our ‘healthcare’ systems are flooded with people experiencing conditions that the medics make no pretense of attempting to cure.  Instead, medications and therapies are offered to mask physical symptoms.

Wellness does not come from pharmaceutical drugs.  It does not come from invasive surgeries or intense therapies.

Wellness comes from a body that has been given all of the substances it needs to function correctly.  And wellness starts at the smallest level; with our individual cells.  These are the key to our health.

Our cells require many things in order to function correctly:

  • 26 vitamins
  • 72 trace minerals
  • fatty acids
  • amino acids

All of these things must be supplied by the diet.

But there are other things that our cells need, and it is these I want to focus on today because of their grave importance.

These things are a group of 8 monosaccharides, that combine with protein strands to form glycoforms.  Glycoforms coat each individual cell in the body and exchange information.

They have many roles, including:

  • Preventing viruses by blocking entry to the cell
  • Holding on to enemy cells until immune system cells arrive to remove them
  • Allowing the cells to identify other cells, preventing attacks on friendly cells and tolerance of enemy cells
  • Support the structure of the cell
  • Allowing healthy cell growth
  • Assisting sperm with fertilisation

These glycoforms are, basically, allowing cells to work as they are designed to.

The problem is that only 2 of the 8 monosaccharides are provided from our diet; glucose and galactose (and most people are receiving too much glucose and not enough galactose).

Now, if you’re familiar with the topic of monosaccharides, you may have heard somewhere that the body can produce all eight of them.  And that’s strictly true, however, while the liver can produce them, that is an emergency function – not a long-term option.

Research and validation about the importance of monosaccharides and the need to supplement them has been growing since the 1980s, when these glycoforms were first discovered.

The MiT named glycomics as one of 10 emerging technologies that will change the world.  They said, “The reason for the excitement around glycomics is that sugars have a vital, albeit often overlooked, function in the body. In particular, sugars play a critical role in stabilizing and determining the function of proteins through a process called glycosylation, in which sugar units are attached to other molecules including newly made proteins.”

While pharmaceutical companies are investing millions of pounds attempting to develop a synthetic glycomic product, an all-natural health supplement has been developed, validated and patented.

It is this product that I personally use and recommend to all clients – not to treat any illnesses, but to give the body’s cells the tools they so desperately need to function correctly.  You can order this product at a great discount – with a 100% money back guarantee – here.


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