Why Vitamin D Is Important For Women

27 Oct

I’m often asked which nutrients and supplements are most important for women, and so today I want to discuss one of those with you – Vitamin D.

This is a nutrient that I recommend all women obtain in a multivitamin and mineral.  You can review, and order at a 20% discount, my recommended multivitamin and mineral here.

Shockingly, 1 in 4 people have a Vitamin D deficiency and rickets are even making a return as our levels can be so low.  However, the importance of Vitamin D is hard to deny – it is more important than calcium for bone health  and can halve a person’s risk of developing cancer.

For the image-conscious lady, it’s worth noting that Vitamin D intake levels are associated with our telomere length, which is a huge factor towards how well we age.

Vitamin D is also an anti-inflammatory, and deficiencies (as well as excessive levels) can increase our IGe response, causing sensitivity and allergy problems.  Low levels also affect our utilisation of insulin, while a healthy intake decreases the Th1 response which is important for pregnancy, and helps suppress Th2, a factor of miscarriages.

High cholesterol can often be caused by Vitamin D deficiency, and so Vitamin D levels should always be checked if high cholesterol is a problem.

Recommendation: supplement Vitamin D in the form of an all-natural multivitamin and mineral in the form of D3, not D2.  My recommended brand is this one.


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