About Katie

Professionally Speaking…

Katie Williams is passionate about helping people live their best life by following a simple, tasty optimal diet.  Her skill and enthusiasm for this area is highlighted best by her personal success story, transforming herself from an unable-to-work, incapacitated 21 year old to a vibrant, optimally healthy, successful businesswoman by the age of 22.

Following her own transformation, Katie quickly built her own international business and shared her knowledge and friendly coaching style with people worldwide.  From one-on-one consultations with at risk individuals, to training courses for businesses and high-level groups, Katie is comfortable translating her nutritional message into any format for any group.

It is this incredibly varied and enriching experience that makes Katie such a popular choice amongst professional sports stars and pregnant women alike.

Katie’s extensive knowledge and experience are underlined by her Diploma in Diet and Nutrition and her professional membership with the Complementary Medical Association.

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Personally Speaking…

Nobody expects to be claiming Incapacity Benefit at the age of 21, much less for a mysterious illness that has them virtually housebound.  But that was the situation for Katie Williams, who endured a year of constant pain, numerous medical tests, and devastating blows to her confidence and self-esteem.

And then, a supposed light at the end of the tunnel.  The doctor would allow her to have the operation that was her only hope of regaining her health, despite her youth.

“I remember being told that the operation had a 40% chance of working, and that if it didn’t, the doctors would effectively give up on my case.  They were completely stumped.”

The operation day came and Katie was anaesthetised, already imagining getting back to her old life.

But the operation didn’t work.

When Katie returned to her doctor to discuss the devastating lack of results, she was offered antidepressants and nothing else.

Fortunately, she refused the antidepressants and decided instead to cure herself.

A crazy idea, she was told at the time.  But it worked.

Through changes to her diet, supplements and lifestyle, Katie’s health improved within weeks, and after just a few months she was back to 100% health.

At this point, her life was at a crossroads.  Should she return to employment, or follow the voice within that told her she had a message to share with other people?

Katie listened to that voice, and began her nutritional coaching business.  She’s never looked back since.

Now, just a few short years on from that time of desperation and frustration, Katie is happily combining her international business with her family; partner Steve and 1 year old daughter Aspen.

Katie with baby daughter Aspen

Katie with baby daughter Aspen

Katie’s list of passions include: family, friends, reading, personal development, music (all kinds!), long walks, being by the sea, holidays (especially to the USA), being a Facebook junkie, everything baby-related, dreamboards, positivity, writing, animals, swimming, exercise, amazing experiences, doing things that scare her, and clothes shopping of course!


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