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Can Diet Determine Your Baby’s Gender?

28 Mar

New research has suggested that  it is possible to determine the gender of your baby through tweaking the mum-to-be’s diet.

The study, carried out by the University of Missouri, found that women who ate a diet high in fat, including full breakfasts, around the time of conceiving were more likely to have a boy.

By contrast, those women who ate low fat diets and fasted for extended periods were more likely to have daughters.

As well as potentially affecting baby’s gender, the mother’s diet may also affect the future health of offspring – with sons of obese women being more likely that daughters to develop diabetes in the future.


Natural Treatment for Morning Sickness

9 Dec

The first three months of pregnancy are an extremely important time for eating properly as all of the growing baby’s organs are formed during this time.

However, as most women know, this is also the time when the so-called ‘morning sickness’ tends to occur, leaving the mum-to-be hardly fancying eating at all.  While morning sickness is probably due to the hormonal changes that occur, women with poor diets are most likely to suffer from it.. which leads to a Catch 22 situation.

Morning sickness can be improved naturally, though, by giving your body the nutrients it needs to support the growing baby.

Your body has an increased need for vitamins B6, B12, folic acid, iron and zinc, and taking supplements of these will usually overcome even the worst cases of morning sickness.  You should also eat small amounts of fruits, nuts and seeds frequently during the day.

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