My son is suffering from Eczema and has a Milk intolerance. I needed advice on what foods I could offer and what I should avoid to help with the Eczema. Katie gave me great advice that was sound and accurate, she really knows what she’s on about. From her advice the eczema has improved and I am sure I will be able to manage it better just by adjusting my son’s diet. I really wanted to avoid using steroid creams and other drugs by managing the eczema as naturally as possible. Just by having knowledge on what effects eczema it has helped immensly. ~ Eliza Choudhury, Birmingham UK


Katie gives some of the best nutritional advice I’ve heard. Her tips have always been spot on and extremely helpful for me, and I can’t recommend her enough. ~ Ben Settle, Oregon (US)  http://www.bensettle.com


I had a long term ambition to run a marathon (as many middle aged, podgy men do). I trained and trained but could not get past 10 miles without wanting to fall over. This is when I was introduced to the wonderful Katie. After one consulting session, she understood my problem and came back with a plan, a very very good plan, a plan so good that it got me round the marathon. Not only this but her words still ring in my head – don’t eat that chocolate brioche for breakfast, where is the nutritional value in cup-a-soup, what do you mean you don’t eat before you run.

Contrived as it sounds, Katie has really changed my life, her advice helped me to nearly 2 stones, but not only that, gave me a fresh outlook on what I eat. I still enjoy myself and my food, but in a balanced way keeping me happy and healthy.

I cannot praise Katie enough or thank her for her help; she really made a massive difference to me.

~ Ben Snowdon, Notts UK   http://www.expectingbaby.co.uk


More to come…


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