Are You A Comfort Eater?

2 Mar

Something has struck me as interesting for a while now, and it’s the fact that many so-called professionals and companies make so much money from ‘educating’ overweight people about how to lose weight.

Let me be really direct with you here: you already know pretty much everything you need to in order to lose weight.

If you’re currently carrying excess weight, it isn’t because you’re confused about whether cake or cranberries are the healthier option.

And yet so many slimming clubs and weight loss coaches will try to convince you that their point system or their tasty overpriced food range or their cabbage soup miracle is the answer to your weight loss struggles.

Please… stop believing all of this stuff.

If you tell me the name of any of these groups, I can show you the statistics that their systems do NOT lead to long-term weight loss.

And they all fail because they focus on the wrong things – nobody really needs help understanding what is healthy and what isn’t.

We all know that food in its natural state is better than when it’s coated in sugar, that fruit and vegetables should be eaten at least 5 portions a day, that brown carbohydrates are better than white, that eating in front of the TV is a bad idea, that all-you-can-eat buffets lead to oversized meals.

Weight gain occurs when we know all of this, but ignore it.

And that’s very often because of comfort eating.

So before you go and spend money joining some group, take this simple quiz.

The more questions you answer ‘YES’ to, the more likely it is that you are a comfort eater.

1. Do you eat when bored?

2. Do you use food as a celebration, treat or reward?

3. Do you use food as a consolation when you are feeling down, poorly or disappointed?

4. Does a good night out for you have to include eating somewhere?

5. Are there foods that you could eat if offered even if you were not hungry?

If comfort eating is an issue for you, I can help.

Just contact me:


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